Multi Grab Bucket
- The Real Thing!

No standard attachment, this is a highly durable, heavily constructed bucket with a ‘thumb’ fitted for extra functionality. It is an extremely advanced concept, well ahead of any other product on the market, as it allows for the operator to pick up items and still move within the full crowding area of the excavator.


Removable Teeth

Includes removable teeth making it easy to replace main wear parts.


BIS 400 wear faces

All grabs are fitted with heavy-duty BIS400 leading edges and side plates, ensuring the durability of the grab and increasing the grabbing capabilities

Ram Protection

Removable protection plates around the ram and hydraulic ports protects crictical parts from damage when working in harsh applications

High capacity ram with integrated check valve

These grabs are fitted with extra large high-capacity rams, ensuring the best grabbing capabilities and nothing can be dropped.

High quality hydraulic components

All hydraulic components are of high quality to ensure parts last and can withstand the pressures of high loads, reducing the risk of damage or failure.


Optional Extras



hoses are available for connecting the attachments to the extra auxiliries on the dipper arm.

KEY Benefits


First to market

These grabs are the world’s first of such type of grab, having already improved many companies, efficiency all over the world.


Large jaw opening

Having a very large jaw opening means these grabs have the capacity to pick up very large objects.


Size range

These grabs come in a large range of sizes suitable to fit excavators ranging from 2 tons up to 50 tons.



Full Movement

As an individual attachment that isn't not connected to the arm, you have movement within the full crowding area, allowing you to pick up any object at any angle and crowd without losing grip.


12 Month Warranty

Our warranty covers the whole attachment and componentry. Durable and built to high specifications, should an issue arise we'll fix it.


Multi Grab Bucket
Multi Grab Bucket
Multi Grab Bucket


Multi Grab Specs

Weight class Code Pin Centres 
Dipper Width 
Pin Diameter 
Width (A)
Opening (B)
Grab gap (C)
MGB030-200-145-40 200 145 35/38/40* 440 810 122 131
MGB050-245-172-45 245 172 40/45* 600 1,211 183 304
MGB060-300-200-60 300 200 50/55/60* 650 1,411 181 424
MGB120-385-275-65 385 275 60/65* 860 1,570 289 877
MGB200-458-330-80 458 330 70/80* 960 2,085 288 1,432
MGB300-509-420-100 509 420 90/100* 1,060 2,200 317 1,943
MGB300-550-420-100 550 420 90/100* 1,060 2,200 317 1,943

* Achieved through using machined pins to suit smaller diameters. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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