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Attach2 - Worldwide Dealer Partner Program

Precision Engineering for the World Market

Attach2 Precision Engineering Excavator Attachments for Export

We Specialise in making Excavator Attachments that are not just better; But make you Better.


At the heart of our design, research and development we ask what will make Excavator Machinery more productive? We build our attachments to be operator friendly, intuitive and most of all versatile.


Made for NZ conditions, varied climates, unusual applications and the toughest of environments; our attachments can take the harshest of applications anywhere in the world, and we mean anywhere.

Attach2 Attachments are built for longevity, reliability and productivity. That's why they are selected for use at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Attach2 Attachments are built for longevity, reliability and productivity. That's why they are selected for use at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

SPECIALIST Attachments

Multi Grab Bucket Mk3 #TheRealThing


No standard bucket with 'thumb' functionality. The Multi Grab Bucket has been through years of field testing, research and development to make it a highly durable and heavily constructed bucket using an advanced design that allows full crowding area movement while picking up items and powerful grabbing force ahead of any other product on the market.


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Attach2 Multi Grab Bucket Mark 3

All in One Bucket


Revolutionising the GP bucket range, the All in One Bucket has undergone years of testing and refinement to make it the most versatile bucket on the market for excavators sized 1.5 Tonnes to 20 Tonnes (Metric). Designed for contractors to be able to complete more work with no bucket changes or needing to buy more attachments.


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Attach2 All in One Bucket

A2Lock Quick Coupler


Designed from the ground-up for ease of use, durability and safety. The A2Lock features an ISO compliant automatic double locking mechanism with multiple locking and fail-safe features for a secure, reliable fit that won't fail even in the harshest of work environments.


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A2Lock Quick Coupler

How we support our dealers

Taking on a new attachment brand and product line can seem daunting; as any equipment supplying company wants only the best for their customers and their machinery. Attach2 have been producing attachments for over a decade and have been in the heavy machinery industry for several decades; so we know what you want and what your customers want from their gear.

We support our dealer partners in three critical ways:

  1. Quality Assurance.
    Our attachments are designed by us, built by us, checked by us, and shipped by us. We endeavour to ship our attachments ready to go so that there is minimal extra configuration for fitment allowing our partners to get on with what they do best; giving their customers the best experience and the best gear.
  2. Backup support.
    We look after our partners abroad just like at home. When it comes to producing great attachments we want our partners to be assured that no matter what we'll back up their warranty claims, make it easy and make it quick.
  3. Communication.
    We don't just take on 're-sellers' to push product out the door, we take on partners. We've built a great range of attachments and we support our partners and their businesses to succeed, with customers that keep coming back. You can rely on us to help with stock forecasting, sales coaching, marketing collateral and go to market planning.

On top of our second to none partner support; we look after your bottom line. Unlike other attachment companies who don't offer much margin for their dealers, we look after ours, allowing you to be competitive in the market with an excellent specialist attachment lineup. 


Attach2 Dealer Partners Margin Program

Become a Dealer Partner

We're looking for new dealer partners who want to take their business to the next level with attachments that go the distance. 

Let's get in touch for a friendly discussion on what we can do for your business.