Elite Tilt Bucket Twin ram tilt bucket

This is the epitome of tilting buckets,boasting a design shared by no other on the market. With the rams placed in this unique position, it affords the operator a clear view of the working area and ensures that dirt and stones cannot pack underneath them and makes them less vulnerable to damage.


Tapered sides

This is to help while digging at a tilted angle by reducing ground contact.


BIS 400 plate

All front styles, side cutters, wear strips, cutting edge and bucket wrap is made of BIS 400 grade steel, increasing the longevity of the bucket.


Unique oversized single-acting rams

This gives greater pressure, minimising any creeping or chattering. Single-acting rams means there is always positive displacement reducing any amount of movement. Hoses are less vulnerable to damage as the ram ports are above the pivot point.


Greasable hardened bushes

All pins and bushes are greasable to ensure they last the test of time.


Wear strips

These reduce the wear to the base of your bucket and help strengthen it against damage and caving in.


Bolt on cutting edge

Now comes standard on all Elite Tile Buckets from 5 ton and up. This gives you an extended lifetime of the bucket, reducing wear to the cutting edge.


Optional Extras


This strengthens the rap of the bucket against damage and from caving in.

KEY Benefits


45o tilting each way

This means good movements for shaping and contouring the earth to your requirements.


Clear top

This gives the operator greater visibility and therefore more control.


BIS400 Wear Plate

All front styles, wear strips, cutting edge and bucket wrap is made of BIS400 grade steel, increasing the longevity of the bucket.



This gives greater breakout force, allowing you to maximize the power of your excavator without compromising on capacity.


Bolt on cutting edge

All Elite Tilt Buckets come with a Bolt on Cutting Edge giving you extended lifetime of the bucket, reducing wear to the cutting edge.


Elite Tilt Bucket
Elite Tilt Bucket


Weight class Code Pin Centres 
Dipper Width
Pin Diameter
(struck) (m3)
(heaped) (m3)
TBTR050-1400-245-172-45 245 172 40/45* 1,400 318 0.239 0.316
TBTR050-1500-245-172-45 245 172 40/45* 1,500 331 0.257 0.342
TBTR060-1600-300-200-60 300 200 50/55/60* 1,600 474 0.364 0.476
TBTR060-1700-300-200-60 300 200 50/55/60* 1,700 494 0.381 0.513
TBTR120-1800-385-275-65 385 275 60/65* 1,800 669 0.567 0.737
TBTR120-2000-385-275-65 385 275 60/65* 2,000 716 0.635 0.829
TBTR160-1900-430-320-80 430 320 70/80* 1,900 948 0.733 0.945
TBTR200-2000-458-330-80 458 330 70/80* 2,000 1,198 0.889 1.139
TBTR250-2200-475-408-90 475 408 80/90* 2,200 1,470 1.145 1.487
TBTR300-2200-509-420-100 509 420 90/100* 2,200 1,722 1.455 1.884
TBTR300-2200-550-420-100 550 420 90/100* 2,200 1,722 1.455 1.884

* Achieved through using machined pins to suit smaller diameters. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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