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29 November, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

[VIDEO] Attach2 Auckland Regional Excavator Competition - Big Boys Toys 2017


This year we sponsored the Auckland Regional Excavator Competition at the Big Boys Toys event in Auckland. We had the A2 Grab Bucket as part of the Excavator Competition, and we also had our own small booth onsite where we you could view the Multi Grab Bucket up close and personal.

We were also displaying our new A2Lock Coupler as well, with a small display stand where you could actually operate the coupler and see the mechanics of it working!

On the excavator competition course the A2 Multi Grab was fitted to a Hitachi ZX55U. Operators were required to complete a range of activities with the Multi Grab Bucket. These challenges including buildings a block wall, balancing a log on top of another one and then hang tyres off it, joining up three culvert pipes then threading a piece of drainage pipe through the middle of them, balancing an egg on top of a cone and using it to help pop the top off a beer bottle.

The winner at the end of the three days of intensive competition was Nick Cain from Higgins - well done Nick! We look forward to seeing you at the National Competition in Fielding next year!

Posted by Jacob Hart on 29 November, 2017

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