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04 May, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Track Guards - Why should I use them?


"Why should I install Track Guards on my new excavator? I'm not having problems with my tracks yet!" This is something we hear a lot of.

Track Guards are designed and proven to reduce wear on your tracks before you start having problems. They are designed to keep your tracks in place and prevent them from snaking and coming off.

Some of the main reasons for putting track guards on are highlighted as below.

Saving wear

The A2 Track Guards Ensure your track chains run straight and true all day every day, saving the wear on rollers and the chains. When you don’t have track guards the track chains can move side to side on the rollers causing excessive wear on these critical components


Tracks falling off

Have you ever lost a track? It always happens in the worst place and at the wrong time. It causes down time and frustration - what you cannot afford to have in this day and age.

Track Guards give you this peace of mind - you know you can take your machine into rough country and come out with your tracks still on!

How many track guards Do I need?

We recommend you have 2 Track Guards per side on all 6 -14 ton excavators. From 16 tons up we recommend you have 2 - 3 Track Guards.

How much will they save me?

When you place Track Guards on new chains you can expect to save up to 1500 extra hours wear on that seat of chains. If fitted to already worn chains you can save up to 1000 extra hours. Overtime these are significant savings and can minimize down time in the workshop.

My machine has two factory guards - should I fit more?

We suggest if you are just doing very simple work with not a lot of tracking and working only on level ground these two standard Track Guards should be ok.

However if you are using your machine in more of a heavy situation and are doing more tracking and operation on steeper terrain, we suggest you would add an extra Track Guard to each side on a 6-14 ton machine and an extra 2 each side on machines from 16 tons up.


Posted by Jacob Hart on 4 May, 2017

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