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Where Earthmovers Go to Grow

06 June, 2019
Posted by Jacob Hart

Calibre Contracting Equipment Pty Ltd Exit the Excavator Attachments market – Attach2 Equipment take over designs!


As of 4th of June Calibre Contracting Equipment Ltd (previously JB Attachments) in New Zealand and Australia have decided to cease serving the Excavator Attachments market.

27 September, 2018
Posted by Simon Johnston

Why use Cast Technology in excavator Attachments?

Cast technology has been around for centuries as an effective manufacturing tool. We are covering the top 5 reasons why cast technology is an effective way of producing parts for buckets and attachments for diggers.

21 December, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Great team work ensures orders are dispatched in time for X-mas!


This month has been full on for the Attach2 team with them racing to get all our orders dispatched for Christmas!

06 November, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

HG Group Core Values Award


Here at HG Group Ltd (Attach2's parent company) we have started a new initiative called the HG Group Core Values Award. This is a monthly award given to anyone of our team who has demonstrated the HG Group core values exceptionally well over the past month!

01 November, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Continuous Improvement in Attach2


One of our core Values is 'Make it Better'. Improvement is critical. All of our team members responsibility is to find a better way to do things and to improve the business.

02 August, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Join our Photo Competition!



Our photo competition begins on 1 August 2017 and ends on the 31 August 2017.

07 June, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

We take a kindy tour through our factory!


Today we had a bus load of young and eager children through our factory as an initiative from their teachers and our management to educate them on some of the larger things that happen out there in life.

06 April, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Why Attach2 make their buckets from HARDOX 450


Attach2 uses Hardox 450 (or similar) steel to manufacture all of their Wide and Tilt Buckets for multiple different reasons.

The Attach2 Bucket wraps, side styles and wear strips are all manufactured from this Hardox 450 with the cutting edge manufactured from BIS 500, an even harder wear resistant grade steel.

02 February, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

The Attach2 Journey - From where?


Attach2's history dates back to the 1960's (or before). With so much history we have been in many of the positions our customers are in today - from being the end user (contractor) to owning and operating Hire Companies.

01 December, 2016
Posted by Jasmin Homo

Health and Safety at Attach2 is like a Breath of Fresh Air


Walking outside to breathe some fresh air is relaxing and has a calming effect. If there is a workplace that employees feel this way because of health and safety policies promoted in the workplace, it is at Attach2.

Health and Safety policies in the workplace in New Zealand are encouraged to be implemented; but the dedication of the Attach2 Management to it is simply outstanding. It goes above and beyond the statement ‘We are committed to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.’