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Where Earthmovers Go to Grow

03 September, 2018
Posted by Simon Johnston


That word, strikes fear into Business Managers, annoys Foremen and makes Operators wince. That may sound melodramatic but downtime has this reputation for a good reason. It stops Productivity -> Progress -> Profit.

23 May, 2018
Posted by Gem Hart

What does the customer really want?


Looking at our Market and what we offer, I often find myself considering, what is the customer really wanting. Using the analogy of “no, the customer doesn’t want a 6mm drill piece, what they really want is the 6mm hole”  and yes, you could even go further than that to what they are really trying to achieve.

24 August, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Why is it important to have a new fleet?


New equipment can make a significant positive impact on the moral of your team and the result of your bottom line, all over your business they improve efficiency. Here is some of the key areas they can effect. 

04 May, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Track Guards - Why should I use them?


"Why should I install Track Guards on my new excavator? I'm not having problems with my tracks yet!" This is something we hear a lot of.

Track Guards are designed and proven to reduce wear on your tracks before you start having problems. They are designed to keep your tracks in place and prevent them from snaking and coming off.

25 January, 2017
Posted by Jasmin Homo

Simple tricks to deal with sticky soil on construction sites

How many times does mud cause a halt to the construction operation? How difficult or easy is it dealing with the sticky soil?

Sticky soil or mud, particularly during rainy days, slows down the construction project. It clogs trenching buckets, making it difficult to dig. It sticks to the tracks and wheels, which calls for an intensive cleaning job thereafter.

20 January, 2017
Posted by Jasmin Homo

8 Biggest Causes of Construction Downtime that Can Be Prevented

Construction downtime can cause additional expenses and worse, a huge profit loss to clients and vendors.

New equipment needs to be purchased in the middle of the project. Workers are prone to accident. Deadlines are not met. These are just few of the unnecessary issues in the project site that can be prevented if vendors are aware of the reasons for construction downtime.