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28 August, 2017
Posted by Simon Johnston

Tilt Bucket or Tilt Hitch?


As a manufacturer of both Tilt Buckets and Tilt Hitches (also known as a Tilt Coupler) we often get asked which is best? You want the best attachment set up for your machine, and we want you to get the best set up for your application. Both attachments are excellent at what they do, and operators often choose based on preference. Below are some of their key benefits to each tilting attachment. 

Tilt Bucket

Attach2 Twin Ram Tilt Bucket

1) Better Breakout Force.

A Tilt Bucket paired with a standard coupler or quick hitch will have better breakout force (the amount of breakout force a bucket can leverage by its crowd back function) and leverage because of its squat profile.

2) Spare Hydraulic lines.

You won't need to fit additional Hydraulics to the excavator boom for other tilting attachments. As you'll just be swapping buckets.

3) Better for Trenching.

As a standard coupler or quick hitch has a narrow profile and squat height they allow better breakout force and a trench bucket to be used without rams or hydraulic lines in the way. Meaning you won't be subject to breakages or a lack of power especially in rough ground.


Tilt Hitch

 Attach2 Motor Tilt Hitch with a Trench Bucket


1) Faster to Change buckets.

Because the Tilt Hitch is always plumbed up you will be able to change attachments more quickly without having to exit the machine and remove hoses for the next attachment. 

2) Tilt all your Attachments.

The most obvious benefit to a Tilt Motor or Tilt Ram Hitch. You can tilt any Attachment you add to your machine, from GP Buckets to Spades and Multi Grab Buckets your imagination is the limit on this.

3) Tilt up to 90° each way

Tilt Motor Hitch allows even more tilt than a Twin Ram Hitch. Up to 90° each way. Since it's not limited by the Rams cylinders but its tilted by a Hydraulic Actuator.


Tilt Bucket vs Tilt Hitch Chart comparison.

Need help deciding? Get in touch and we can help you find the Attachment that's right for your application. Click Here.

A2 Tilt Bucket
A2 Tilt Motor Hitch
A2 Tilt Ram Hitch

Originally posted by Jacob Hart on 28th of August 2017.
Updated by Simon Johnston 1st November 2018.

Posted by Simon Johnston on 28 August, 2017

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