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07 May, 2019
Posted by Simon Johnston

Choosing a Candidate to Hire

A thorough interview process will help you find someone who is an ideal fit for your business and find the standout candidates, making the actual selection easy.

Choosing the right person for the Job

 As part of your final assessments before offering the job, you may do some introspection on:

  • Do they fit your company values?
  • Will they fit in with your team?
  • If you have a manager or foreman, will they work well with them?
  • Are there any potential conflicts?
  • Do they have the skills you required?

You may also weigh up if they don’t have the skills you want, are you prepared to train them to perform the role to its fullest?

If you had someone with you during the interview process, you might ask them about their thoughts and assessment of the candidate.

Different candidates will have different skills, and at varying levels, identify what you need most and what skills and duties you can train people to do.

That's it; the last part is making your employment offer and starting the onboarding process.


This article is part of a series on Deciding to Hire.

1. Deciding to Hire
2. Planning the Role
3. Advertising the Role
4. The Selection and Hiring Process
5. Choosing a Candidate to Hire

You may of noticed we refer to the website often and we recommend you refer to this excellent resource as it offers up to date and legally accurate information on running a business.

*Please note this was written as a guide only and is not advice or a replacement for qualified advice/expertise in hiring and it's legal requirements.

Posted by Simon Johnston on 7 May, 2019

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