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06 December, 2018
Posted by Simon Johnston

Big Boys Toys 2018 and Auckland REOC

Attach2 Attended the Big Boys Toys event which hosted the 2018 CCNZ Auckland Regional Excavator Operator Competition. 



This years event marked the 20th anniversary of Big Boys Toys. A well attended event with a lot of visitors through CCNZ's construction zone. The Auckland regional title would be the most hotly contested regional title with Operators from all over the region coming to compete in the event over the 3 days it was held. 

Attach2 was proud to support the event with Attachments, including the Legendary Multi Grab Bucket and the new All in One bucket making its first public debut. 

Our own Paul Thompson attended the full 3 days of the event and participated in some of the judging during the competition. He commented on the high quality of operators coming into the competition who are both capable and knowledgeable with one of the newer challenges being the identification of services and marks on their health and safety practices. 

We look forward to Attending Next Years event but also the National Title coming up in March 2019. 

Posted by Simon Johnston on 6 December, 2018

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