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15 June, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 24


Skodas… Here is a real car. Rear engine gutless, built like a bucket of bolts.

Great farm car. Could ram in to anything front on and not wreck the radiator as that was in the back.

Here is Tim in his thinner days jacking up the Skoda. We had a 100 ft. cliff on the farm where we had cut a gap in the fence for the Skoda to do its last mighty leap.

Tim had tied up the steering wheel with of course No.8 wire and bricks on the accelerator, in 2nd gear, he released the jack and away it went. It unfortunately missed the gap and hit the wire netting fence which saved it from the mighty leap.

There it was revving at about 11000rpm going nowhere. It sat revving for about ten minutes with bits of metal drooping off engine.

Yes Skodas are now a very safe, economical car so enjoy the ride.



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Posted by Joe Hart on 15 June, 2017

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