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Where Earthmovers Go to Grow

09 June, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 23


Massive earthworks taking place here on Harts road in the hills East of Palmerston North. For the record the Harts road got a brief name change by one of our office staff Jenny, with something that rhymes with Harts...

The road was a metal track, narrow and with three dips. The C-Dax factory and farm at the end so quite a traffic increase.

John Hart did a deal with much persuasion with the Palmerston North City Council that we would do the earthworks if they supplied the aggregates and the sealing.

There was a guy Mr Tong from the Council who came along with some proper drawn up plans for the road construction. John Hart says what are they for. He had a brief look at them and asked why there are still some dips and bends in the road plans, shove those plans in that car over there and we will use our eye and get it at one level. Somehow we got away with it.

The rain came as we were working in May, a bit of risk in the Manawatu. Had a skim of metal on and it went to poo. All the vehicles had to detour through a back farm track to get in for a few weeks. Finally we got the better of it and its fine and dandy.

The picture shows the Hymac 580c and looking South to Levin you can spot the Cat D7 towing the Onion scoop.


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Posted by Joe Hart on 9 June, 2017

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