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Where Earthmovers Go to Grow

06 November, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

HG Group Core Values Award


Here at HG Group Ltd (Attach2's parent company) we have started a new initiative called the HG Group Core Values Award. This is a monthly award given to anyone of our team who has demonstrated the HG Group core values exceptionally well over the past month!

01 November, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Continuous Improvement in Attach2


One of our core Values is 'Make it Better'. Improvement is critical. All of our team members responsibility is to find a better way to do things and to improve the business.

03 November, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 44


This is a Suzuki LT 250 4WD year 1994.

It got beaten up so we turned it into a very useful ATV.

18 October, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

[VIDEO] "I swear by it" - Shane Berkett - Berkett Earthmovers


26 September, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Great site clean-up solution!


A few months ago, we visited Ian Butcher from Central Demolition and learned of some ways he has really speed his production (or destruction). The main way he has increased efficiencies is through using the A2 Multi Grab Bucket - But while we were there we found him using the Multi Grab Bucket it a way we had never seen before and thought we would take this opportunity to share it with you!

25 September, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

[VIDEO] "An essential tool" - Ian Butcher, Central Demolition Ltd


We have a look at what Ian Butcher is doing with his Multi Grab Buckets in his demolition business.

22 September, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 38


I believe this was 1992 or there abouts. As you can see it was two separate accidents.

The picture with the Officer in his big boots is on the Linton to Levin Road. The driver had left the C-Dax factory only about 15 minutes prior made woopsee.

15 September, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 37


As you can see a bit of a crash.

Early 60's at the Fitzherbert bridge on the East side of Palmerston North. There was earthworks up the Fitzherbert Hill and this Allis Chambers HD 21 was working alongside a Terex TS 14 motor scraper.

08 September, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 36


Back in the days of some serious earthworks, well we thought it was anyway.

This is at the C-Dax site where we needed to build a new Engineering workshop.

04 September, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

[VIDEO] "speeds up our production" - Gavin Beswick, Berkett Earthmovers


Listen to what Gavin Beswick from Berkett Earthmovers in Napier has to say about the A2 Multi Grab Buckets.