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Where Earthmovers Go to Grow

25 May, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 21


What a beauty. Our pride and joy.

Ford County 764. This was the 4 cylinder fitted with a Turbo putting out around 90Hp.

16 May, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Ribs - To have or not to have?


We are often asked about ribs in wide or tilting buckets, should I put one of these in or not? We have a detailed look at the Pros and Cons of this add on, and review some applications where they are best used.

17 May, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 20


This one goes back to the late 80's when we were big time farmers and small time contractors on the side.

This farm was Manawahi farms run by Manawahi men?

04 May, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 18


Yes we are stuck and not happy.

This was around 1990 at the Waters property on the Palmerston North foothills.

04 May, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Track Guards - Why should I use them?


"Why should I install Track Guards on my new excavator? I'm not having problems with my tracks yet!" This is something we hear a lot of.

Track Guards are designed and proven to reduce wear on your tracks before you start having problems. They are designed to keep your tracks in place and prevent them from snaking and coming off.

12 April, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 17


Here we have another classic shot of the Hymac 580C excavator stuck up to its counter weight. I (Joe Hart) recall abandoning ship and walking away from it.

11 April, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 16


Wow! Boys and their Toys! Joe on a Suzuki DR 250Z doing a jump with a nice flat landing! These were a great bike on the farm, very reliable and one of the best hill climbers.

07 April, 2017
Posted by Joe Hart

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 15


A excellent image of our Founder and CEO Joe Hart, aboard this great machine - a CAT D7 E 48a Bulldozer - getting around 160 Hp out of four cylinders.

06 April, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

Why Attach2 make their buckets from HARDOX 450


Attach2 uses Hardox 450 (or similar) steel to manufacture all of their Wide and Tilt Buckets for multiple different reasons.

The Attach2 Bucket wraps, side styles and wear strips are all manufactured from this Hardox 450 with the cutting edge manufactured from BIS 500, an even harder wear resistant grade steel.

29 March, 2017
Posted by Jacob Hart

[VIDEO] Attach2 Sponsor the National Excavator Competition


First of all, we would like to congratulate Steve Galbraith of Galbraith Earthmovers for winning the recently concluded National Excavator Competition held in Feilding this March 17.